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Countrified - Rapper/ Actor/ Comedian/ Writer/ Author

Countrified has been composing and performing music since 1985.  During 1995 Countrified joined the US Marine Corps, in which he was promoted out of boot camp. There he learned how to coordinate and self promote himself through his own entertainment events.  He created entertainment venues for all service members making himself very popular among Marines.  Countrified has appeared in Japanese TV, Commercials and News papers during his final tour in Asia.  After honorable discharging from the Marine Corps in 1999, he headed for his long awaited challenge, Hollywood, CA.  Less than 18 months, Countrified was nominated best local rapper of Los Angeles, by the highly rated Steve Harvey radio show.  Since then he has won many free style battles, hosted his own radio show, performed on the largest stages with the largest artists, opening video for BET's (The Way We Do It), appeared in countless music videos, tv shows, commercials and movies.  Countrified has performed live at the following Hollywood shows: 

The Parkers, BET Live, DL Hughley show, Steve Harvey show, Ced The Entertainer, Moesha, For Your Love, Girl Friends, Oh Drama, On the Beat, Half & Half, Tracey Morgan show, Mowtown Live, The Way We Do It, All of Us, Drew Carey show, Jammie Kennedy Exp, Soul Train after party, Lady of sould after party, and  Married by America.  

Countrified has toured many parts of the world including:  South Africa ( Johannesburg & Cape Town), Japan, Germany, S. Korea, Norway and two tours of Europe.  The latest tour included the legendary Bone Thugs & harmony.  Countrified was responsible for managing the tour in addition to being the opening act. 

As a writer, Countrified has written five movies:  Hip Hopraganda, Bitter Sweet, B.O.S. Points, and Neglectation.  Five TV shows:  Freestyle inn, Lyrical boot camp, Life as a Rap Star, What They Really Mean, and Cast by America.   Books:  What's real vs. What's right and auto-biography "My First 35"

Countified is a well rounded talented individual.  He's a one man hustler with a humble energy.

Don't just take our word for it, click here to see:   Countrified's Grind #1 

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  Countrified's Grind #6   Countrified's Grind #7   Countrified's Grind #8


The above grinds have been modified into a three part documentary of Countrified's life journey.  The below documentary is a more clear version of the previous mentioned and is based off Countrified's auto-biography  (My First 35)  


 To see this documentary click Part 1  next click Part 2 finally Part 3

Countrified- The Actor

   Click here to see demo reel -

Countrified started acting in 1999 professionally after relocating to Los Angeles from Japan.  He has worked on over 80% of all Hollywood shows in some form or fashion. In 2002 Countrified joined the Screen Actors Guild.  He has studied acting with some of the best instructors.  His dedication to his craft, kept him thirsty for acting classes and work shops.  During 2006 Countified was an acting coach, for kids 3 - 19, at Beverly Hills John Robert Powers.  He has appeared in major movies, the biggest TV shows, and at least two superbowl commercials.  

Countrified's Movies: Alpha Dog, Robbin in Da Hood,  The Date Movie, Ghetto Legend, Black Rose, Who's making the Rules to name a few...

Countrified's TV shows:  HEROES, Young & The Restless, Americas Most Wanted, Jay Leno, South Land, Parent Hood, Ugly Betty, Lie to Me, My name is Earl, Blind Justice, Moonlight,  The Way We Do It, etc....  

Countrified's Commercials:  Dr. Pepper, General Electric, Bud light, Nike, Sprint / Nextel, All State, Comedy Central and a South Africa Milk Commercial to name a few.....    

Countrified's Plays:  Legends, Deceptions, and Black Rose just to name a few....




Countrified - The Rapper





Countrified has a very comedic, witty, and strategic rap style. He has a very southern soulful voice with multiple flow patterns.  He has easy to follow captivating lyrics.  He takes pride in creative lyrics on a consistent strategic basis.  Every lyric refers to the subject. Examples of more music and additional information can be obtain by visiting: Countrified's Myspace 

Countrified has a large range of song subjects from humorous to political.  Great examples:   Lil Wayne's parody to Every Girl called Every Herb.  Political example I Got Sum To Say.

Additional Rap Photos can be viewed here.

Countrified was also a hip hop teacher at Beverly Hills John Robert Powers.  He shared information on the history of hip hop, lyrical content, strategic writing, performance tips, rhyming techniques, slang terms, and even develop names for all different flow patterens.

Countrified has shared the stage with DMX, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quick, EVE, Master P, etc....

His recent tour includes Bone Thugs & Harmony

Countrified was the Opening Act for Bone Thugs & Harmony.  His high explosive performance quickly gained the respect of potential fans.  Countrified was not only a key element in making the tour happen, he also managed the tour. 





Countrified the acting coach

 Countrified explains how his movie star experience works for kids. Click the video below.  If you have a child that would like to act, text KIDS to 545454. 

Countrified gives back to kids with his non-profit corporation called The Dreamality Corporation.  This corporation makes dreams a reality for dis advantage kids through entertainment.  The program builds kids confidence and improve their acting skills.  Kids have a few programs to choose from including commercial and theatrical programs, agent prep and a movie making experience class.  Countrified is creating his own his own entertainment environment for kids by writing and creating his own kids movies for them to participate in.  Kids will later attend a red carpet movie premier and an award show ceremony for their work.   Click to see his KIDS MOVIE STAR EXPERIENCE program. 


To sign your child up for acting classes please click here for more info.


Countrified- The Comedian


Countrified has always had a funny animated side to him.  He has never thought about stand up until he was actually doing it.  True story:  Countrified was asked to perform a rap song for Ladies Night and then introduce the host.  Everything went so great that night, Countrified was  asked to return that following week to do the same thing.  This night would be a little different.  The host was running late and requested that Countrified keep the crowd entertained until she arrives.  Countrified has finished his song and was in a forced position to tell jokes.  From that day until now, he has put in enough work to claim another title (Comedian).  Countrified has performed at:  The Family Room, Ha Ha Cafe', The Laugh Factor, The J-Spot, and other open mic venues.

Watch Countrified as he performs his stand up comedy at the J-Spot.  Ladies Night.       



Countrified The Author

Countrified has written 3 books.  His first book was mention earlier which is an auto biography of him up to the age 35.  The other books are a series.  The books are titled "My First 35" and "Keys to the Soul".  These books helps the reader process information from and overstanding point of view.  This will allow the reader to look at things from all angel.  The books touches on information that's common among the public all the way up to secret information that control most things on the surface of the planet.  If you're interested in reading more info about these powerful books and to order your copies please click the website link- 

The Countrified LOGO.

This is the Countrified LOGO.  It's a country man, with a straw hat and a straw hanging from his mouth.  If you turn the logo sideways, it says U. B. U. (You Be You) which means individuality.  Countrified loves all creations and would love for you to be you.  He feels, not only should you be you, you should love you......




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